R&D and Production

Production equipments

Blow molding & injection molding

It is equipped with multiple LS injection molding machines and Wangpai blow molding machines, as well as the automatic grinding robot. The annual capacity of 1,500,000 spoilers, to improve the production efficiency while realizing the automatic management.

Injection molding and blow molding area

Blow molding machine

double colored injection molding machine

Painting line
The company deems "Designed by Germany and made in China, with German quality and Chinese cost" as the construction idea and deems "standardization, automation, and informatization" as the development idea. German ASIS Company designs and participates in the project management fully. It is equipped with multiple ABB robots (ABB robot possesses the stable performance, high production efficiency and high quality), spray system (SAMES rotating cup for spraying is called as the world best rotating cup, with high painting rate, which can reduce the waste of oil paint effectively and protect the environment), paint feeding system (adopt ITW automatic conveying and mixing paint system, which can realize the frequency conversion electric stirring and make the oil paint reach the best spraying state), and fast color changing and paint feeding system (special paint feeding system imported from Germany, which can realize the fast color changing and meet the demands of various colors in the market), so as to realize the water paint spraying. The painting line can realize the maximum annual output of 1,500,000 spoilers.

 Assembly & laser cutting
It is equipped with the automatic assembly line, to reduce the working procedures and improve the assembly efficiency. In addition, the company is also equipped with Dazu laser cutting robot system, it was installed and debugged in the middle of August and was put into normal use for A28 in September. After using this system, the cycle time has greatly narrowed. The contact pattern development system of 022,031TLC,H6035DMC will be added later, the planning target is 1500pc/shift.


Automatic assembly line

Dazu laser cutting robot system


To realize the automation fully, our company cooperates with the domestic well-known enterprise, and builds the stereoscopic warehouse. The stereoscopic warehouse is 11 meters high, and has 7 layers and more than 1,700 trays, which can store more than 40,000 spoilers. The automatic positioning of the product input and output of warehouse realizes the automatic storage.

              automatic stereoscopic warehouse

                       Plant stereoscopic warehouse