R&D and Production

Product research and development

Our company is equipped with the professional spoiler development team, which is a professional team composed of several designers, engineering researchers, blow molding technologists, and project managers, and has coordinated with the clients to carry out the aided design development of many spoiler assemblies. The company sets up the basic design platform, in full charge of research and development of car trim. It utilizes the modern high and new technology, to enhance the design efficiency greatly, shorten the development cycle, and improve the product quality. The company further reinforces the abilities of independent research and development, comprehensive integration, and technical reserve by various means such as professional training, and technical exchanges and cooperation among design and development departments in automotive OEMs, so as to provide the powerful technical supports for the long-term sustainable development of the enterprise.

Our product development capability
1. Product and process development
2. Feasibility research and analysis of manufacture
3. Design of assembling process
4. Design and development of auto plastic parts and components and sub-assembly
5. Development and manufacturing of molds and gauges
6. Project management

Our achievements:
10 patents, including 8 utility patents and 2 patents for the invention