APQP & PPAP training has been completed satisfactorily


Between June 11 and June 12, 2015, APQP & PPAP internal training took place in the meeting room in 2F of Jiangyin Minghong.

This training is led by the Product Engineering Department, and the participating departments were extended to Business Development Department, Quality Department, and Manufacturing Center etc. There were 42 persons participating in the training, with the attendance rate up to 105%.

Admin & HR Department specially invited the teachers of Shanghai Bestway Training Institution as the lecturer of internal training. At the earlier stage of training, the training company investigated and surveyed on account of our company information and staff mastery of APQP & PPAP, collected some cases of our company, and formulated the teaching program suitable for our company. While teaching, the teacher conquered the present students by his or her humorous teaching mode and rich experience of teaching. The students listened carefully, kept records, or communicated with the teacher and were willing to take advice. Moreover, the students made time to take part in training while being busy. Thus, this training had high attraction degree.

At ordinary times, there were not many students direct contacting APQP & PPAP, so the absorption degrees for the courses were different. In this regard, Admin & HR Department planned to organize a seminar related to APQP & PPAP once every month afterwards, to let everyone absorb the training contents.
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